Change the tide

No matter what

Our Birth

In the winter of 2016, we identified and took the opportunity to design, develop and produce our very own kite. In our wildest dreams, we never thought this would really happen!
Initially, the core business was fixing kites. Since the creation of the repair shop in 2010, we’ve spent more than 10.000 hours fixing kites of all types and brands for a lot of happy customers. We gained a lot of experience through the years about the strengths and weaknesses of how kites are built. With this knowledge, we became experts in fixing kites.

Logo time

After having a big success with the first kites, we decided to continue the journey and gave our brand its name and logo: Harlem Kitesurfing from Haarlem in the Netherlands. We started realising ideas and possibilities to develop our gear as bomb-proof as possible.

Go all the way!

Redesigning our logo in 2018 to the final version gave this year an exciting start.
After 2 successful years, we came in with full power to scale up the production.
From 1 kite with a simple bar to 3 different styles; the GO v3, Pro v1, and Wave v1.
That in combination with the IPS bar and the Harlem Pilot bar.
The cherry on top was the completion of the lineup with Harlem twintips and surfboards.

Change the tide

This year was the birth year of the youngest sport in the surf world. Wingfoiling. Pushing our knowledge from kiting into creating wings for this new foil style.

Besides introducing a wing, we worked hard on developing the GO v4, Pro v2, and Wave v2.

Building the base of a brand is fun but working on kite development is even better. Our love for kiting is still growing day by day.

The Harlem Family

Proving the world we didn’t talk marketing bullshit by showing what we stand for, we saw a massive increase in sales all around the world and growth in the people that help us promote the gear.
The Harlem Family is expanding and rocking this crazy year.

Big Air

A big year for the expansion of our kite and wing range.

We made numerous prototypes and ended up with our current kite/wing range, consisting of 6 kite- and 2 wing models. Hours on end were spent on fine-tuning all the different models until we were confident we had suitable kites for all riders on the market.

Launch time

After launching the new product range, we’ll keep doing the only thing we love:

Developing the best gear possible.
So you can go on and feed your passion.