Gründlichkeit & Service

Obsessive focus on product development


Challenging the market with new innovations, unique service and a focus on the full lifecycle of kites.


Alexander Morgenstern, CEO Harlem Kitesurfing

Over 15 years experience in Kitesurfing industry

Alexander Morgenstern

Who is Alexander?

Born in Austria, Alex has Grundlichkeit and service written all over him. Whatever he does, he goes for perfection. He knows the industry inside out: launched two other kite brands, trains the trainers and has over 8 years of experience selling and fixing every type of kite, bar and board out there. Annoyed by the fact that brands are starting to put value promotion and fashion over innovation and performance, he took things in his own hands and started Harlem Kitesurfing.


✔ > 15 years experience in Kitesurfing industry

✔ > 8 years experience in Kite production

✔ Launched two kite brands (but wants to do it even better ;))

✔ Former Kitesurf resort manager

✔ IKO certified trainer

✔ Austrian grundlichkeit guaranteed

✔ Strong customer focus


Where to find him?

Mostly in the Harlem Kitesurfing headquarters in Haarlem, The Netherlands. And his home sport of Wijk aan Zee. But of course, kites need to be tested. So also: wherever the winds take him ?

“Let’s Change the Tide”