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Be the change you wanna see in the world.


Bart Delember, team rider

Choosing for the Vanlife-lifestyle


Who is Bart?

Born at the belgian coast, but only got attracted to the big blue after his Uni degree in sport and outdoor recreation.
Choosing for the Vanlife-lifestyle, he quickly caught up and soon was teaching surf, sup and windsurf at Westende Surfclub, Belgium. Kitesurfing was added last on the stoke-list but had the biggest impact.
He got hooked and ever since he gets his high by sharing that stoke with his students.


In life he tries to live as sustainable as possible and was already active in many eco-projects. The last 3 years he lived fully off grid in the south of Portugal and is now looking to relocate to mexico to help set up an eco-tourism kite spot in El Cuyo.
Thats why he chose for Harlem kitesurfing. A family that tries to make kites and kiting more durable by looking for ways to change the tide for the better in a nature friendly way.

We kite with nature. We need to take care of nature.

Where to find him?

You can find Bart at the south coast of Portugal.

“Harlem shares my passion for sustainability and perfection”