Wave Riding Sales Guru

Love the waves


The Harlem Wave is my go to kite


Dirk Zeevenhooven, team rider



Who is Dirk?

At day time Dirk helps business grow by using his natural feel for sales. At day time Dirk rides waves with his natural feel for riding waves. So which of the two is it? Both! We know this saying is as flat as windless lake in winter, but it is so true for Dirk: work hard, play hard. Dirk is a real wave riding fanatic, a passion he combines with working as commercial and sales director for several big brands on freelance basis. Luckily for us, he also helps to spread the Harlem word using both these talents.


Where to find Dirk?

Dirk is often found at his homespot The Spot in Zandvoort. But he also rides the waves of South Africa and Brazil. His most memorable run being an epic sunset session in Capetown 2018 with Lewis Crathern.


“Waves sell themselves”