Passion for People

A happy team provides the best service


Work hard for what you love


Ellen Morgenstern-Koppendraaier, HR Advisor & Harlem Happiness Manager

Translating customer needs into people strategy


Kitesurfing is about people, the Harlem brand is built for and by people, companies are made up of people. So what do we need? Yes! An outstanding people-person. And this is just Ellen! Her key goal is “making people’s lives better.” Whether that is for an individual, a team or a whole company, Ellen is there to enable people to be the best they can be to deliver outstanding results. This is what she loves doing, putting her curiosity, knowledge and experience into practice for the Harlem brand and the Harlem family. She believes that working hard for something we love is called passion. And passion is the key attribute of the Harlem team, and who does not want to be part of that?     

> 10 years experience working with Teams  

Certified Team Dynamics and Team Effectiveness Coach

Translating customer needs into people strategy

Finance Master

Former Kitesurf Watersports center manager

IKO instructor

Change and disruption is the name of the game


Where to find her?

Mostly alongside Alex working with the Harlem team supporting and advising on all sorts of important stuff. And, when the weather is nice at her home spot in Zandvoort. But above all, this girl loves to kite without wetsuit, so find her wherever the sun shines, the wind blows and the water is warm ?

“Let’s Change the Tide together”