Harlem kite foil-wing

A perfect balance between performance and durability.

Harlem Superfly V1

For the all round freeride / freestyle
rider that likes to push the limits.

Sizes 4 – 5


Fusion Trailing Edge. We replaced the Dacron in the trailing edge for High Density ripstop for less wear & tear. A world premiere!

Next generation Dacron frame: Challenger ‘Double Diced’ Dacron for a thinner leading edge. Shorter bridles for more direct feedback and better performance.

Our designers started in repairs. That is why we look at the full lifecycle of kites when designing them.

What we stand for

No bullshit: product before marketing

Built for performance and endurance

Service: you break it, we fix it.

Cheers! Alex & the Harlem team.

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Why we change the tide

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