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Hans Lieben, Co-founder of Harlem Kitesurfing

I always get high on my own supply


Who is Hans?

Hans is like the Anakan Skywalker of Kitesurfing. He can literary fix anything: motors, boats and of course kites, boards and bars. He even turned his own Volkswagen T1 hippy van into an electric modern purpose vehicle. With 10.000 hours of kite fixing experience, Hans felt he might also have some jedi mindtricks up his sleeve when it comes to kite innovation. And thus the saga began….


✔ Former job: expert in electric vehicle infrastructure

✔ Over 10.000 hours of kite fixing experience

✔ +12 years kiteshop owner & IKO certified kitesurfing trainer


Where to find him?

Of course Hans spends a lot of time at the Harlem Headquarters in Haarlem, Netherlands. But as you might know, kites need to be tested. So Hans is also where the winds take him. Some of his home spots are Wijk aan Zee, Bloemberg South Africa and Bonaire where he has family.


Favourite trick: Jesus walk

“Let’s Change the Tide”