The Harlem Pro is my absolutely favorite


It makes me happy to share my passion


Helena da Forno, Harlem team-rider

Queen of Garda


Who is Helena?

Although I grew up in a quite big city, Düsseldorf, I`ve always been addicted to outdoor and water sports. With kiting I started in 2016 during an internship I had to do for my bachelor degree in sports. I chose to do that in a kiteschool at lake Garda and already while I was still learning to kite I assisted during the lessons. So one year later I made my instructor license and started to teach, on summer at the lake and in the winter wherever it`s warm. It makes me happy to share my passion, but any free second I want to be on the water by myself. Kiting offers so much possibilities, for example in light wind I fell in love with foiling soon. I started also to do some freestyle tricks, so at the moment the Harlem Pro is my absolutely favorite.


Where to find her?

By having Italian roots, lake Garda is the place where I already feel more at home than anywhere else. But still, the world offers so much beautiful places where I would love to go. On the first places of my bucket list you find at the moment Cape Town and Brazil. The brake I have due to Corona I`m using to transform an old post car in a camper, so soon you`ll just have to look for a yellow van.

“Let’s Change the Tide”