Airforce Man & Kite Air Man

WOO All Time Air Time Leaderboard NR.6 Worldwide ?


Testing high class kite material with military precision


Jeroen Schuurman, Airforce Leadership Trainer & Teamrider

Chasing those epic moments


Who is Jeroen?

Jeroen is a passionate old school kitesurf addict, always aiming for the best position in the Big Air Leaderboard. Besides kitesurfing Jeroen is a military man: after 21 years in the Dutch Navy he now works as leadership trainer in The Royal Netherlands Airforce. The same daring and tenacity required to perform his duties for King and Country, Jeroen tests the kites for Harlem Kitesurfing. Currently, his setup is the newest Harlem Go 7, 9 and 12 with IPS bar together with the Harlem Rocker 135*40,5. Images he shoots with GoPro Hero 7 black.


Where to find him?

His homespot is Zandmotor in Kijkduin, The Netherlands. But like all of us, he also chaces the winds of the world ???

“Enjoy life now and be in the moment”