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Jurriaan van Duivenboden, kiteschool owner & team rider


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Who is Jurriaan?

Jurriaan is a real Harlem local. Born and raised on the streets of Haarlem. He started kiting at his nowadays favorite spot Zandvoort up from the age of 12. It didn’t take long for Jurriaan to know all the ins and outs of kitesurfing. And to make his living out of it as a kite school owner and Harlem team rider.

Where to find Jurriaan?

Easy Zandvoort South at one of his Harlem watersport centers! But be aware, there is also a time that it’s getting too cold in the North Sea. This is when you find him wherever the winds blow hardest or where the mountain peaks have caught the most snow.

“Harlem keeps coming with innovations. That’s what I love about it.”