Sleep, eat, kite

I am a Cumbucian


A native of Cumbuco beach


Kalú de Sousa, team rider

Freestyle kiter


Who is Kalú?

I’m Kalú de Sousa, a native of Cumbuco beach, I started kitesurfing at the age of 10.
In kitesurfing, I practice almost all the disciplines, but my specialty is Freestyle kiting.
I like to train both in the lagoon of Cumbuco (Cauipe)  and on sea, so I am always training in different circumstances.
Every year during work I do at least 1000 kilometers of downwind along the Brazilian coast in kitetrips, apart from competitions and my work as a kitesurf instructor.


Where to find Kalú?

Cumbuco mostly when I am not competing.

“Proud to be part of the Harlem family”