Queen of the Air

The world is your home


The Harlem always makes me feel safe on the water


Maloe Bik, team rider

Queen of the air


Who is Maloe?


Maloe is an entrepreneurial sports fanatic. She started organising sports camps for youths up from age 17. While starting up a watersports camp in Egypt she developed her passion for kitesurfing. As soon as she had the basics down, she was hooked. Big air became her thing. In the spring of 2019 we where lucky enough to meet Maloe. She was just recovering from a knee injury.  The Harlem Family helped her organise test days and events and bring big happy moods to the office. Now Maloe is back on the water and rocking it more then ever. It’s her mission to share her passion for kitesurfing and to get more women on a board, make them fly high in the sky and find out who’s Queen of the Air.


Where to find Maloe?

Maloe was raised in Haarlem, but has since made the world her home. At only 22 she’s already experienced the beauty and potential of Switzerland, Egypt and Brazil, with her favourite spot being Taiba. She’s determined to discover much more, so don’t hesitate to give her a call if you have a cool trip coming up! If she’s ever in the Netherlands, you will find her in Zandvoort aan Zee.

“When far away from home you need equipment that is strong and durable”