Up to test some Harlem gear with me?

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Mark Barnhoorn, Team rider and Online optimisation expert

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Who is Mark?

Like many of us, Mark got pulled into kitesurfing by a friend. The wind that pulled him in turned out to be a tornado of good vibes and priceless sports moments. Ah well… you probably know how this goes…?. Of course, doing an internship in New Zealand helped develop his kite skills, after which he was ready to enter the rough North Sea of the Netherlands. Besides riding winds and waves, Mark is skilled in optimizing clicks and conversions. As online marketing specialist he also assists Harlem in serving relevant content and information to our community.


Where to find mark?

Living in Amsterdam with IJmuiden as homespot. Traveling as much a possible

He loves to visit the warm winds in winter in Southern hemispheres (cape town – Brazil – etc.)

“Send me a DM or mail to test some Harlem gear together”