Feel the stoke

Always try new things


Kitestress exists, I can proof it


Max Grieger, team rider

When it blows I have to go


Who is Max?

I get nervous when I feel the wind, but am not able to go to the beach.
Max started a few years ago with kitesurfing and is stoked ever since. He always tries new things on the water and this has led to his style and a total of 140 kite days per year. Mostly focused on unhooked freestyle, but also love to just ride around. When he is not kiting he is studying Mechanical Engineering and is working for a ship engine maintenance company in Bremerhaven.


Where to find him?

His homespot is an hour drive to the north of Bremen, Germany. Always there, when the forecast shows a minimum of 10 knots. When you don’t find him on this spot, he may will be travelling through Europe with his red Volkswagen Van, always on the search for remote and unique kitespots.

“Harlem equipment never lets me down”