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Research driven wind loving power lady


Measuring is knowing. Know your users like you know your wind, gear and waves


Nada Azzam, Market researcher & team rider

Diving into the kite industry with passion


Who is Nada?

Harlem Kitesurfing loves Nada. And we hope she loves us too. As a scaleup kite brand Nada was invaluable.  She joined Harlem for her strategic research as part of her study International Sport, Management and Business. Her thorough research is valued highly by her professors and by our company. It is still used today as a method to analyse our customers wants and needs. But Nada is way more than a marketing and business researcher, and while working at Harlem she learned from the best. Give this lady some wind and she rides like she has never done anything else. 


Where to find her?


Her homespot is Bloemendaal aan Zee The Netherlands. Where she currently also works as manager and teacher of Mifune Watersports centre. But with her Egyptian roots she also loves the Red Sea, El Gouna, Egypt  ???

“Let’s Change the Tide”