Harlem Charge

Lightweight, fast and snappy

Sizes: 5’1 – 5’4

Meet our directional kiteboard, the Harlem Charge: Hand-shaped no-nose wave board for strapless surf.

This incredible surf beast will unlock your wave riding potential and lift your skills to the next level.
The Charge is a great directional kiteboard for all conditions, from weak wind swell up to big reef barrels. Radical riding and carved turns are coming naturally to those stepping onto this board. The power lies within the carbon vector innegra carbon shield which makes the board lightweight and extra durable.
And never lose your gear again with the integrated Booomtag

The wood stringer gives responsive flex and durability. You will enjoy this board for years to come.
The shape is featuring a triple concave channel at the bottom, thin rails, a high rocker line, and a short tail. This shape creates outstanding surf characteristics. The board is very dynamic and agile. Thanks to the Thruster fin setup with FCS2 system it is easy to handle in all situations as the grip ensures perfect control.

Ride the Charge and throw some serious spray.

Price EUR

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