Harlem Lead bar

Leading like a gladiator, practically immortal

Sizes: 47cm – 52cm

Do you know that epic movie where the underdog gladiator beats the aristocrats? That’s how our lead bar is leading. The Harlem Lead bar provides the same options as bars from more established brands, but often from an even better quality.

What we’re talking about
  • Indestructible stainless steel centrepiece, with a butter-smooth auto-swivel
  • Most durable lines available: the bio Dyneema lines from Braidtech with a breaking load of 450kg
  • Choose between 19m/21m/22m/24m lines
  • Click-in quick release for fast releasing and reassembling
  • And never lose your gear again with the integrated Booomtag

For your safety

The Harlem Lead bar is leading in ease of use. The click-in quick release in combination with the single-line flagout system makes it the easiest and safest bar you can use.

All release systems on the market are fast. But are they also as easy as a Sunday morning? Our system guarantees 100% depower within less than half a second. And the beauty is: you can do it with the same strength as pressing the double espresso button on your coffee machine.

To top it all off: the Lead bar includes the Harlem line splitter that makes you change between a high and low split in a second.

Price EUR
40cm (Freestyle edition XS)
47cm (S)
52cm (M)

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