Harlem Light v2

Ready for your enlightenment?

Sizes: 14 – 17

Lightwind kitesurfing. A form of sports more associated with bowling, golf, and hiking with sticks while listening to birdsong.

No more of that. Our research team really went the extra mile in tweaking every inch. Which sounds fancier than it is. It basically means you have nine guys on a beach testing prototypes until the sun goes down. Making minor adjustments in between. Which had, we dare to say, quite big results.

But let’s cut to the chase. The Harlem Light v2 is a lightwind partner that makes you move smoothly on the water.

What comes next sounds like marketing talk. The difference is we really mean it.
  • We made the fastest lightwind kite on the market. Of course we didn’t test them all, but when it comes to kites, we’re like omnivores in an all-inclusive resort
  • Yes, with this kite you can jump, loop, and basically have fun
  • We chose a 3-strut design for optimal low-end
  • And how about practicing your dark slide on lightwind days?
  • And all packed in the perfect carry on eco-friendly backpack

Seriously, we make you feel like you’ve just lost weight. Just try it.

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