Are you that rider, looking for gear that pushes you to the next level? Go pro with the Harlem Pro.

 The Harlem Pro is our 3 strut open C High performance kite. The Harlem Pro is made for intermediate and advanced riders who want to push their limits and go all the way. The 4-line open C-design together with the high aspect ratio will give you powerful kite loops and an explosive lift. For unhooked tricks, the kite will give you a massive pop to get where you need to be. There the perfect slack will give you the freedom in the air to do what you need to do to score 10 out of 10.

The Harlem Pro will get your adrenaline going and push you to the limits.

2-face bridle system
Nobody is born a Pro! The Harlem pro comes with a fixed bridle system for ultimate performance and raw energy in the kite loops. We, at Harlem, understand that most people need to build up confidence before handling this raw energy. That is why we have developed our 2-face bridle which is a pulley system that you can easily connect to your Harlem Pro. This system makes your Harlem Pro a bit more friendly. Due to the movement in the pulley, the Harlem Pro will give you a wider wind range, more depower and an easier relaunch, in order to grow into those radical moves, without brutal crashes.

  • The best service

    • We do all our own repairs: never miss a session.
    • No middlemen: direct contact, quick follow up.
  • Quality and performance

    • Designed in Holland, for rough conditions.
    • Produced in close collaboration with the most experienced people in the field with more the 15 years experience.
  • Independent brand

    • Unique design, stand out from the crowd
    • 100% focused on building the best kites.

Kite specs

Kite response

Harlem Pro

You can adjust the kite to your personal preference on how fast the kite moves. Faster moving towards the +, slower moving towards –

To have a massive kiteloop use less kite response at the setting, for quicker kiteloops go towards more kite response.



High Load Distribution Frame

HLDF is constructed with the most rigged and durable Dacron; T77060 Dacron from Teijin. The HLDF has been tested and designed to perfection, to distribute forces evenly throughout the canopy. This is a feature makes sure that your Harlem will maintain it’s shape at all times in all conditions and it makes the kite more durable as well.

High flow valves

Harlem Pro

The large diameter of the valve and strut connectors ensures easy and fast inflation and deflation of your kite. Our XL Deflate valve makes it insanely fast to deflate your harlem kite. Packing the kite was never that easy.  Harlem kites give you also the option to use the deflate kite from the kitecenter or from the wingtip, or use both 😉


Harlem Pro

Strategic Dacron canopy reinforcements to eliminate canopy wear and tear including pin holes caused by the valves.

Harlem Pro’s awesome Windrange

Harlem Pro

Estimate based on a 78kg rider with a medium sized twintip/surfboard

7 meter 29-45 ktn 25-34 ktn 21m
9 meter 22-35 ktn 18-26 ktn 21m
12 meter 15-25 ktn 13-20 ktn 21m

Why go Harlem Pro?

Harlem Pro

Unhooked monster & Kiteloop machine



Harlem Pro

You gotta love this s##t

  • Voor een beginnende kiter is het soms lastig inschatten welke kite en gear het beste aansluit bij je niveau. Kitesurfshop Haarlem heeft mij hierbij ontzettend goed geholpen. Waar ik blij van werd is het eerlijke en persoonlijk advies. Ook het kunnen testen van kites is erg prettig. Ik heb m'n North kite ingeruild voor een Harlem. Wat een verschil! Net zo snel, maar veel stabieler. Het fijne is dat ik met deze kites nog jaren vooruit kan, want ook voor de gevorderde kiter is de Harlem een topkite!

    Eva Buchli Kitesurfer
  • I just got my new Harlem 7 and 9 meter and really love this kite! It flys very constant and has a direct steering performance. Jumping is easy and looking forward to learn more tricks with it with every epic session I have on the Harlem! 🙂

    Marlous Kasperink World traveler
  • Betrouwbaar en goede service!

    Christel van den Berg via facebook
  • Top apparaat

    Thomas Poelman
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