Harlem Spirit

Go go gadget kitefoil board

Sizes: 3’10

Let’s keep it real. You want a kitefoil board to lift off the water easily. And you want it to feel more like a dolphin than a shark when it hits you. What we managed to add is the feeling of having a go go gadget foil instead of a leg. Hence the name Harlem Spirit.

Now the longer sales pitch

This 3’10 board is built with a high-density foam and glass sandwich construction. It has a perfectly scooped nose to make it easier for beginners in foiling to lift off the water. The Harlem Spirit provides advanced riders with a better bounce off the water after a jump. The stiffness of the board will make it feel like the foil is one with your feet.

Special features:

  • Tough box reinforcement for extra strength
  • Smooth bottom for max glide
  • Wide outline for a safer and secure stance
  • Beveled tail
Price EUR
3'10 18L

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