Harlem Strike

The Rocky Balboa of big air kites

Sizes: 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 12

A few broken ribs, slight concussions, and all sorts of bruises. Yes, testing and developing the Harlem Strike was a bumpy ride. But what you get after 4 years of research, prototyping, and playing test dummy is a kite that makes you the underdog that beats the champ.

How the Strike wins
  • A high-performance big air kite that delivers a continuous and predictable boost for smooth and fast kiteloops with unique catching capabilities for a ‘controlled and gentle descent’, even in gusty conditions.
  • A kite that ensures you jump smoother and gives you the confidence to land smoothly.
  • Pure excitement for every kiter who thrives when jumping around on a twintip.
  • Never lose your gear again with the integrated Booomtag
  • And all packed in the perfect carry on eco-friendly backpack

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