Harlem Superfly EL v2

Responds faster than a comedian in a stand-up club

Sizes: 5 – 6 – 7

We’re not joking here. This wing is more direct than Dave Chapelle on a punchline frenzy. Molded hard handles make pumping it as easy as getting a quadruple espresso from an Italian coffee machine. Providing a better kick than caffeine can ever give. Our Superfly Extra Lift is basically the winging brother of our Harlem Strike.

Three years of tweaking and testing to provide you with

  • A wing fully perfected for the pump and go
  • A great light wind performance due to the flat profile
  • Great hangtime due to higher aspect ratio
  • Ultra instant response
  • Separately inflatable leading edge and strut to personalise pressure balance
  • Comes with an awesome wing bag and a leash, ready to rock!
  • And never lose your gear again with the integrated Booomtag
  • And all packed in the perfect carry on eco-friendly backpack

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