Harlem Swell

One-of-a-kind wooden performance board

Sizes: 5’1 – 5’4

If you like both forests and beaches you came to the right place. Our Alex is a wave master and you can buy the board of his dreams (we made more than one). The Harlem Swell is the only wooden board (that we know of) that doesn’t need an epoxy cover on top of the wood. This gives you a unique feel and makes the board amazingly light. Five-fin setup lets you switch between a thruster and a quad-fin setup. A thruster makes the board more dynamic for quicker turns and the Quad makes the board go upwind like nothing else. The FCS2 finbox allows for switching fins without tools. We didn’t add strap inserts to save some weight. And who needs straps on a surfboard anyway?

The Swell is a handbuild, one-of-a-kind surfboard, because of the wood grain. Inside we’ve put full carbon rails for extra strength. This baby has an HD-Foam core encapsulated with Closed Cell Foam. Who cares, but because of this, it doesn’t suck in water when damaged.

Maintenance is easy. Just sand it sometimes and put some fresh lacker on it. And keep beavers and woodworm away. Also, we don’t recommend driving your truck over it.

Price EUR

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