Harlem Twintip Fins

Smooth orange or powerful black

Fins can make a big difference in your setup. You can choose the fins based on your riding preferences.

  • 50 MM – Black asymmetric fins for a more abrasive ride. The asymmetric shape provides more grip for more aggressive performance and less need for hard edging. Make sure you mount your board with the 50mm asymmetric fins when going for high jumps or BIG AIR MEGALOOPS!
  • 50 MM – Orange symmetric fins. Perfect grip for your smooth ride. The symmetric shape gives you more ease of riding and with the neon orange colour, it’s easier to spot your board in the dark and rough ocean. Make sure you mount your board with 50mm symmetric fins when you want to have a smooth flow through the water.
Price EUR
Orange / 50mm / Symmetrical
Black / 50mm / Asymmetrical

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