Harlem Wave v3

Drifting device that turns faster than a politician in a press conference

Sizes: 4 – 6 – 8 – 10

When riding waves you just want two things. Excellent drift and easy turning. That’s why our ultra-light one-strut design drifts like a message in a bottle and turns faster than a politician in a press conference. Furthermore, relaunching this kite is almost as easy as winning a puppy contest with a labradoodle.

The Harlem Wave v3 is great for waveriding, as well as kitefoiling. So if you are looking for one kite that will serve you in both disciplines, this is your buddy. Are you purely focused on foiling, take a look at the Harlem Ace. More into boosting big jumps on the twintip from time to time? The Harlem Go will be the all-round kite you’re looking for.

All packed in the perfect carry on eco-friendly backpack

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Harlem Ace

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