Proud youngest member of the Harlem family


Start young!


Rens van Tuijl, Harlem team-rider

Chase the wind


Who is Rens?

Rens started kitesurfing at the age of eleven. He took a course at the Zandmotor on the beach of the “Zuiderstrand”. He was sold directly and became a real kite addict, a junky.
Whit only 40Kg he prefers old skool kiteboarding and he likes to go high! Rens lives near the German Border and he thinks he was born in the wrong region of the Netherlands 😉 When he’s not at school you will find him on the beach. Rens setup is the Harlem Rocker, The Harlem Go 5,7,9,12 and 14 and IPS Bar he’s able to kite twintip from 8 Knots up to 40+ knots, that’s because size Matters.


Where to find him?

Somewhere in the Netherlands where the wind blows, he and his dad chase the wind…..
His Favorite spot is at “De Zandmotor” but you will find him anywhere. In the summer months he and his family drive around on the French West Coast looking for the best spots.

“Let’s Change the Tide”