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Harlem Kitesurfing helps me lift my skills


Harlem Kitesurfing is a brand from kite surfers for kite surfers


Robbert ‘t Sas, team rider


kite all over the world


Who is Robbert?

Robbert learned kitesurfing from his dad when he was 11 years old. From that moment on he was stoked. He has been traveling the world searching for the best spots during his holidays. For his work Robbert travels the world as well. He is a 3rd officer at the Holland America line going all over the world from the Caribbean to Europa and also all the way to Alaska.

What is your favorite spot?

Difficult to give a favorite spot as there are so many beautiful spots in the world. But I definitely love Mauritius for the waves and Bonaire for the foiling and Capetown for the megaloops.

What do you like about being a team rider for Harlem?

I love to test kites, our trip to Namibia is definitely on top of the list. I’ve crashed so hard with the Pro to give you the best mega loop kite on the market! Or the trip to Mauritius with my Harlem team mate Victor was also amazing. Flying the drone above the reef or ripping one eye myself.

What is your favourite trick?

Kiteloop late backroll

“Loop it higher”