Dutch Design Dude

Less is more


It’s not about designing things right, it’s about designing the right thing


Rolf Coppens, Design Lead

International award winning creative director


Who is Rolf?

Rolf is a designer, art director and creative entrepreneur who has the peculiar habit of turning his hobbies into companies. So when Harlem Kitesurfing owners Hans & Alex met Rolf on the beach, it wasn’t hard for them to lure Rolf into their business as Head of Design. As international award winning designer, Rolf makes sure your minimalist designed Harlem Kites stays cool for more than a few seasons. And that form follows function. It’s called the Dutch Design philosophy.


Rolf holds masters degrees of the renowned Sandberg Institute as well as the Rietveld Academy.


Where to find him?

Either doing business as creative director of Creative Digital Agency GRRR, designing kites behind his computer, or, as he prefers; exploring the waves pulled by the wind.

“Design that Changes the Tide”