Frisian kite-energy

Find that one thing you call passion. To me that is kitesurfing.


There is no route to happiness, happiness is the route.


Sven Aukes, team rider

Live your life to the fullest


Who is Sven?

Sven grew up along the Frisian lakes, where his parents run a campsite. So he grew up among the tourists and knows the holiday feeling (or water sports) like no other.
He learned kite surfing during his studies and has not stopped doing this. He gets so much energy from kitesurfing that his friends call him Svenergy.
He believes that there are so many beautiful kitesurfing places in the world that you can go to. The world is at our feet, only the route is still unknown. He wants to explore this route with his camper and his Harlem gear.

Where to find him?
His favorite spot with the camper is Essaouria, Morocco. A fantastic kitesurf spot where he can sometimes blow hard for days on end. He is determined to visit many more of these places. When he is the Netherlands, you often find him in Friesland at the different spots around the Ijsselmeer. Workum is the spot where he teaches kitesurfing in the summer, when he is not on a road trip with the Harlem Camper.
Do not hesitate to ask him for advice for a kitesurf road trip.

“I need a kite I can trust on every kite-spot”