Never too windy


The world is better when you see it from above


Théo, Harlem team-rider

Stormy wind


Who is Théo?

Hi I’m Théo, I am 27 years old, I live in Marseille in the south of France.

I started kiting 5 years ago and since I’m completely addicted to this sport. During the weekends the only way to get me up early is to take me for a kite session.

My favorite thing: stormy conditions and I’m lucky because the south of France is reputed for his awesome and strong condition. I love big air, the world is better when you see it from above.

As soon as I can, I take the opportunity to go kitting and do a session with friends.

I am lucky to have great spots in the south of France so I drive my little car looking for some wind and sharing my passion with the people I meet on the spot.


Where to find him?

Most of the time at  le Jai  near Marseille, this is my home spot, a great place to throw big jumps. In winter the spot is super cold but the wind blows strongly. Moreover there is no one in the water because of the cold, so perfect to enjoy it as much as possible. Otherwise on other spots in the south of France (Beauduc, Alamanarre, Gruissan, etc.)

“Let’s Change the Tide”