Get out there

I need gear that listens to me


Harlem provides the gear that keeps me going


Willem Hooft, team rider

Never let the tide drag you down

Willem Hooft

Who is Willem?

Born in Rotterdam, raised by the sea. A motor accident didn’t drag him down. He now moves by wheelchair through the streets and chairboard through the sea. Cool thing: before his accident he never kitesurfed before. But as a fanatic windsurfer he picked it up fast. Back in the water since 2017, he’s already doing back rolls and now practicing his front roll as well. How is that for Changing the Tide!


Where to find him?

Mostly at Harlem home spot Wijk aan Zee. But also where the winds take him. Ijmuiden, Scheveningen, Ouddorp and of course Cape Town South Africa.

“Change the Tide, even if it tries to drag you down”