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The Harlem makes me progress very quickly


Youri de Koster, team rider

Never miss a moment


Who is Youri?


Our Youri has a natural talent for kitesurfing, he was already riding in his first lesson. The love between Youri and the wind was hot ? from the start and kept blowing ever since. He now combines a high level consulting job with a side hustle as kitesurf instructor. Besides this, Youri is a true nature lover and likes roadtrips.


Where to find Youri?

Youri resides in the small island town of Marken. But as it is his ambition to kite all the great spots in the world. Who knows where you’ll run into him. He plans to go back to San Francisco again, but is also keen to go kiting in Indonesia, Norway, Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand. Plus, he is aiming to reach that 20m on his Woo once.

“Harlem helps me push my boundaries”