Only mega-loops

I eat storms for breakfast


I need a kite that I can trust in every gust


Youri van Rooij, team rider

My only hobby is Big Air


Who is Youri?

Youri learned kitesurfing at the beautiful place called Zandvoort. Big air is what he loves the most. More specific the “megaloop”. Flying as high as possible, sending the kite and then the freefall. “Best feeling of my life”.


His favourite setup is the 9 meter Harlem Pro and the Harlem Rocker board in 40 knots. Just holding on to the kite, searching for a nice kicker and send it!


Where to find him?

His favourite spot is Tarifa, Balneario: “Because of the strong levante wind and big kickers you can fly so high!” If he’s in the Netherlands,  you can always find him on somewhere at the water in front of Zandvoort.

“Change the Tide, even if it tries to drag you down”