Wave and downwind specialist

Wolf of Waves


The Harlem wave makes me do capoeira on the waves


Yury Manzon, team rider

Started surfing at age 3


Who is Yury?

Yury is our suave Brazilian teamrider. He loves big waves and big jumps. Started surfing at age 3 (!) and began kiting in ‘14 at the world famous Cumbuco Beach. Yury loves waves, and waves love him. At least, that’s what we think when we see him ride, slide and jump over them like its a walk in the park.


Where to find him?

Yury moved to Cumbuco to learn kiting. And he never left. Today Yury is well known figure in the Brazilian kite community. He can totally hook you up with any kite related requests in Brazil. His specialty is downwinders: he organises the best in Brazil, and with the best gear of course 😉


Fun fact: In Brazil there’s year round 30 degrees water. And there’s almost always wind somewhere, and if there is, Yury knows where to find it. 

“Getting out there is all that matters”