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Double podium for the Harlem team at Full Power Tarifa

Double podium for the Harlem team at Full Power Tarifa

After an intense all-day battle, with Levante gusting up to 60 knots at the emblematic Balneario spot, Harlem riders Lorenzo Casati and Lana Herman both took home the silver at Full Power Tarifa 2024.

Powered by his Harlem Force, Lorenzo dominated the skies, proving once again that his skills and talent are out of this planet.

At the same time, at her Full Power Tarifa debut and second Big Air competition, Slovenian rider Lana Herman showed incredible riding in these gnarly conditions, deservedly earning the Vice Champion title in the women’s division.

Despite that we didn’t witness the much-anticipated Casati vs Casati final, rising star Leonardo Casati was absolutely on fire and we can’t wait to see where this young talent is heading next. Keep an eye on him, as he's going big!

Even though Scott Barendsen didn’t make it to round 3, the Dutchman showed great style and skills on his Spanish home spot.

Congratulations to all winners and to the whole Harlem Family. We can’t be more stoked to have such a stellar crew, and in fact to be the only team represented on both the men’s and women’s podiums. And we can reassure you, we are just getting started…

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