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Lana Herman joins the Harlem Family

Lana Herman joins the Harlem Family

We are thrilled to announce our very first female competition team rider – Lana Herman Over the past year Lana has been training very hard in Brazil and Cape Town, preparing to send it big at some of the main Bit Air events this season. With her debut at Lords of Tram, Lana is certainly one to watch. 

We’ve asked Lana a few questions, read below what she shared with us.

Lana Herman

Discipline: Big Air Kitesurfing

Date of birth: 26.05.1998

Where are you from? Ljubljana, Slovenia

Homespot: Grado, Italy

And where are you based now? Wherever the wind blows 🙂

How/when did you get into kiting? My parents got divorced and my mother’s new boyfriend taught me how to kite in 2019

Why joining Harlem? What excites you about joining the Harlem Family?

First of all, I had a really good feeling about Harlem, something inside of me told me, Lana good things will happen here. The amazing performance level of the kites and responsive team just made the decision much easier.

What do you like about the gear, apart from the performance?

I like the small random details (like a smiley face on the bar, texts on the board, etc).

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

I want to win the World Cup, but really just have fun on the way.

Favourite spot in the world: Praia de Macapa, Brazil

What inspires you?

The feeling of flying, it is crazy addictive. And the thrill I get when I land a new trick. And seeing other girls pushing the limits.

Tell us something curious about yourself that we don't know yet:

I have a retarded pinky and a dread that nobody likes. Especially my mum.

Follow Lana on Instagram here.

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